In general, crown borer does not seem to be too serious a pest in New Hampshire, but occasionally sites can be heavily attacked. The brown oval eggs are about two mm (roughly 1/16 inch) long and hatch into tiny caterpillars that crawl towards the base of the cane and then bore in. You can reduce the chances of having problems by eliminating nearby unmanaged raspberries or blackberries. They bore downwards and feed inside the crown and roots, and sometimes in the lowest three to five inches of the canes. Wilted shoots resulting from egg laying scar. These beetles lay eggs in the raspberry bush, and larvae weaken it further. When the eggs hatch, the larvae tunnel toward the base of the cane. The following spring, full growth is attained and larvae pupate. Learn more: Notes on raspberry insects: Raspberry cane borer. Life Cycle: Raspberry cane borer is distributed from northen united states, and has been reported as being very destructive in Quebec. All photos are by Alan Eaton. These hatch in July and the larva begins burrowing towards the base of the cane and overwinters about 2 inches below the girdling. The second season it continues to burrow downwards to ground level where it spends the winter. Damage: Attack by the raspberry cane borer on blackberry, raspberry and rose results in tip die back and cane death. Read the label on every pesticide container each time before using the material. Adults appear in June, and are present until late August. We do not have an established threshold (the degree of infestation that makes it worthwhile to apply an insecticide) for this insect. They look just like a yellow jacket, and fly during the daytime. In some individuals, the yellow is quite bright, while in others it is almost white. Japanese Beetle Treatment. It usually causes only slight or occasional injury, although, when abun-dant, it can cause considerable damage. We make it our business to make you bug free! The new adults begin emerging in June. The red-necked cane borer adult is about 1/4-inch long, with a reddish-colored thorax that contrasts sharply with its black head and wing covers (elytra). // ]]> Raspberry Cane Borer , Oberea bimaculata (Olivier), are slender beetles, about 1/2 inch long, with antennae about as long as the body. To be sure, inspect the cut surface of cane; if there is evidence of borer damage below the cut, continue cutting off short sections until all bored area has been removed. Note characteristic double cut around egg laying scar, resulting in wilted shoots . Adult moths are clearwing moths that exhibit yellow and black coloration, similar to a wasp. In the spring, tunneling continues, and a second winter is spent at or near the soil surface. Shoot tips wilt in early summer. The raspberry cane borer (Oberea perspicillata: Cerambycidae) is rarely a serious pest in North Dakota, but it can be problematic when abundant.The adult is about ½ inches long, and a slender black beetle with a red pronotum and long black antennae. After the pupal stage, adults appear in June. Pesticides must be applied only as directed on the label to be in compliance with the law. Adult moths emerge from pupal cases in early September-October, mate in around 7 days, then begin to lay eggs. Raspberry cane borer adults appear about June and after puncturing the two rings in the canes, lay an egg between the rings. I don’t know if there has been success using deep-penetrating species of insect-attacking nematodes, such as Steinernema feltiae, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora or Heterorhabditis megidis. It is a common cane-boring insect pest of raspberry in northern Utah. The larvae of other borers in brambles (red-necked cane borer, raspberry cane borer and cane maggot) do not have legs, and are quite slender. All pesticides listed in this publication are contingent upon continued registration. Commercial growers that have what they think is a significant infestation may wish to apply an insecticide drench in fall after harvest is complete, or in spring before bloom. The prolegs are sometimes hard to see, but they are there. When you observe this, cut the cane approximately 6 inches below the lowest girdling cut. Raspberry cane borers lay eggs in the raspberry cane, causing primocane tips to wilt and die back. phone: (603) 862-1520  Hours: M-F, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Flat-Headed Cane Borers. Raspberry Cane Borer. Raspberry Cane Borer The beetles are black except for a section behind the head that is bright orange with two or three black spots. Raspberry crown borer has 1 generation per year in Arkansas. NYC and all Boroughs. It is a common cane-boring insect pest of raspberry in northern Utah. The beetles appear in raspberry plantings in June, and the females deposit their eggs singly in the pith of the tender new growth, about 6 inches below the tip of the cane. Bifenture EC, Brigade WSB, Hero, and Sniper 2E are insecticides registered for this purpose in New Hampshire in 2014. Contact the Division of Pesticide Control at (603) 271-3550 to check registration status. One account the larvae reach the base of the cane by fall. var addthis_config = {"data_track_addressbar":true}; Will Travel, Find Exterminator To Deal With Your Home Infestation, Signs Of Termite Infestation In Your House, Dealing With Termite Infestation In The House, Pest Control Company For Home & Office Care, Pest Control Service To Deal With Infestation, What To Search For In A Pest Control Compnay, Understanding The Biological Pest Control, Factors While Hiring A Pest Control Provider, Pest Management For Home & Office Building, Understanding Of Gardening & Pest Control. The second winter is passed at or below ground level. Backyard growers may have a more difficult time managing a crown borer infestation, compared to commercial growers. Thank you to Heather Bryant for reviewing the original manuscript and making helpful suggestions and Mary West for reformatting this fact sheet. //

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